About me

Who is Juanetta White?

I’ve spent 20+ years coaching and advising professionals and business leaders through enormous organizational and individual changes. 

  • Master of Arts with Organizational Communication concentration
  • Board Certified Coach (BCC); completed ICF certified coaching training program
  • Certified Human Resources Professional (PHR & SHRM-CP)
  • Certified to administer & debrief Hogan Assessments & Hogan 360
  • Korn Ferry Leadership Architect Certification
  • Experienced HR Business Partner & Advisor
  • Led  Learning and Development, and Talent Acquisition global functions

A little about me...

I’m a preacher’s kid, so growing up, I spent A LOT of time in church. I’m talking at least 3 days a week (Whew!). My big sister, Charletta, decided that our names should rhyme. She chose my name (Thanks, Sis!). I’m the youngest, so I got away with stuff my older siblings didn’t…exactly the way it should have been, in my opinion. 

I was married to my late husband for over 20 years. He was my high school sweetheart, and he made me laugh every day. The love we shared was a blessing! My “favorite son” and only child is a teenager with a big personality and the heart to match. Love that guy!

 I have to admit…I was struggling… 

I didn’t always know what I wanted to do with my career. I knew that I loved helping people grow, and I really enjoyed HR. At first, I just kind of accepted positions that were in my field. I mean, I needed the experience, right? I consider myself a life-long learner, so I was always open to new opportunities. Still, I didn’t really have specific career goals. Like everyone, I wanted to be “successful”, but I never spent time figuring out what success really meant to me. I was working hard, but I wasn’t focused on things that would support my growth and development. Long hours left me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and overlooked. Plus, I was exhausted! I always got the job done, yet, I felt undervalued and stuck.  Even when I was promoted, I doubted my ability to effectively lead people and drive organizational strategies. Here I was coaching others through job changes, the challenges of leadership, company cultural shifts, employee engagement efforts, performance issues…yet, I was struggling.


My wake-up call…

In 2015, I was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. There were lots of tears. I spent time reflecting on my life…my health, my relationships, my career…just everything.  Eventually, I stopped asking, “Why me?”, and started asking, “What can  I  do to make sure that what is ahead of me is greater than what was behind me?”.  Thankfully, my condition was caught early, my prognosis was excellent and the treatment was successful. But that experience was my wake-up call. It was then that I promised myself that I would laugh more and  worry less. I would live and work with intention. I decided to stop hiding behind my imposter syndrome (Am I the only one?), be courageous and take control of my career. I sort of knew what I wanted, but I didn’t have a clear plan on how to get there. What I knew for sure was that I needed to stop waiting for opportunities and start taking steps to create the outcomes I wanted.  


I wondered, “What could I achieve if I was more deliberate in driving my professional development and overall career?” It was definitely time for me to get a Coach. I began working with an exceptional Leadership Coach that helped me figure out what I really wanted to achieve at that time in my life. Together, we created clear actionable steps to help me get there. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to partner with several talented Coaches that challenged my assumptions and held me accountable for doing the things I said were important to me.  They asked tough questions that opened my eyes to what was holding me back. Coaching helped me figure out the things I had no control over, while inspiring me to take action on what I could influence and control. Each Coach brought awareness of new ways of thinking that have served me well. I wish I would have worked with a Coach much earlier in my career. Fortunately, it’s never too late to find clarity. 

Are you ready to challenge your own perspectives, take risks and stretch yourself in order to create the thriving career that you want? 

    I believe that my Clients are whole, creative and resourceful.

    You are WHOLE. You aren’t a broken individual that needs to be “fixed”

    You are CREATIVE. You already have the answers to whatever you face.

    You are RESOURCEFUL. You can find the answers to your challenges.

    As your Coach, I will partner with you to help uncover your best self, so you can “show-up” the way you want at work or home.

    Are you ready to thrive at work? 
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