Stop just surviving at work. Start thriving!

It’s time to gain clarity on what you want to achieve so you can design a plan to create a career you’ll love. We use strategies that highlight your strengths & build the competencies you need to succeed.



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For more than 20 years, I’ve partnered with recent college grads, professionals and business leaders who’ve felt frustrated, overlooked, and overwhelmed. Through coaching, they were able to see the potential in themselves and their situations, and work towards solutions that increased the value they brought to their teams and  organizations. 

 I serve those that want to:      

  • be recognized for their potential and their performance
  • show up as their authentic selves at work and home
  • support and empower their teams as influential leaders
  • engage their employees using inclusive people strategies that ultimately power the success of their organizations

-Juanetta S. White

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You Can Have a Thriving Career

But, here’s the problem… 

  • Tense work relationships are interfering with your effectiveness
  • You’re feeling stuck and unsure of how to accelerate your career
  • You’re struggling to influence & lead your team effectively
  • You’re not being recognized for the potential you bring to your organization
  • You have a vision for your career path that your leadership is not willing to support



  • You’re doubting yourself and your decisions 
  • You’re unsure of how to develop your team & increase productivity
  • You aren’t showing up as your authentic self
  • You’re working jobs that don’t align with your goals or support your development 
  • You’re overwhelmed because you’re serving everyone, while ignoring your development
  • You don’t know how to ask for what you want


My customized coaching programs are designed to address these and other challenges by showing you how to use your strengths and build the competencies you need to succeed.


I find it challenging to articulate just how amazing Juanetta is. From her ability to discern underlying issues and asking questions to make one dig deeper into their whole self, to providing encouragement that you don’t know you need; Juanetta is a STAR. I’ve had the pleasure of working with and seeking counsel from Juanetta about my career as well as some of my personal endeavors and to this day, I find her wisdom, knowledge, compassion, ability to connect on several levels, and her commitment to help others overwhelmingly beautiful. Juanetta is a well-rounded, all-inclusive coach and mentor who is emotionally and culturally intelligent. Working with Juanetta will benefit you and everyone you are connected to, be it personally or professionally.”

Kimberly Hunley, Ph.D.

Vice-President - Customer Experience, Change Management

“I have had the pleasure of working with Juanetta White at two different companies throughout my career. She is a great HR partner that perfectly balances the business needs with the needs of the employees at every level. She delivers tough messages with class and has a special touch with change management.”
Julie Piper

Customer Service & Logistics Leader

“Juanetta is an amazing coach and trusted leader! I have known Juanetta for over 17 years, and she is one of the few people that I trust to coach me through personal and professional experiences. Her genuine compassion, professionalism, and authenticity sets her apart as she provides tailored support to her clients. If you are looking for an experienced coach and consultant, contact Juanetta at JSW Coaching & Consulting! “
Kimberley F. Williams, Ph.D.

LSU Instructor & Online Programs Manager